I offer a variety of driving lessons to suit your ability and your confidence, whether you've never sat in the drivers seat before, or you require a reassessment of what you once learnt, lessons can be structured to cater to your specific needs.


Structured and regular coaching is essential for new learners that need consistency, which can be catered to with frequent lessons at a pace to suit you that takes you through the skills required to successfully gain your driving license. 


Lessons can be structured to refine your skills if you have an international license and need to obtain a full British licence, or simply to help you regain your confidence if you have previously failed a test.


If you're already a British licence holder there are also opportunities for you to increase your skill set, through either a Pass Plus certificate, and motorway training. .


Ideally pupils will have the same lesson time and day each week to provide consistency and regular pattern of lessons.


Lesson notes are provided.


It is expected that you may be nervous about driving for the first time, lessons will be structured so that you can learn at a pace to suit you. Realistic goals will be agreed to help you build your confidence step by step.



A pupil can expect to be driving within the first lesson after an overview of the cars controls and safety aspects. It is recommended that a pupil has an hour and a half first lesson so all these areas can be covered in enough detail.

Driven Before?

If you have previously driven and/or failed a test your confidence can be regained through structured coaching, focusing specifically on the areas that need to be addressed, and those that will enable you to pass your diving test successfully. 


When a pupil is approaching practical test standard we will carry out one or more mock tests to help build confidence and understand how the test is structured, and the method of marking.

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